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Faculty of Law Strasbourg
Analyse financière
Financial Analysis
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Diploma presentation

The Financial Investigations (FI) and Criminal Financial Analysis (CFA) DU, attached to the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management of the University of Strasbourg, sanctions the training provided within the framework of the European College of Financial Investigation and Criminal Financial Analysis - Internal Security Fund (CEIFAC-FSI). This training is intended for investigators and trainers from the prosecution and justice authorities of the Member States of the European Union (EU) and the candidate countries. It aims to enable them to provide FI and SFTA training to their prosecuting and judicial authorities in their home Member State.

Pedagogical and professional objective - Presentation of the training

A. Pedagogical and scientific objectives

  • equip learners with the ability to conduct EU-wide FIs to combat organised crime ;
  • contribute to the reflection on the creation of a European legal instrument to implement FIs at EU level ;

B. Objectives in terms of professional competences
To equip learners with the capacity to disseminate FI training to the prosecutorial and judicial authorities of the State of which they are nationals.

Admission requirements and public concerned
Target audience
The training is aimed at prosecuting and judicial authorities in the EU Member States and candidate countries. It takes place in the framework of the continuous training of these agents who are selected according to their level of competence and their position within the hierarchy of their administration.

Method of recruitment / selection
Applications are submitted by the Member States and analysed by the CEIFAC-FSI steering committee. Applications are made online on the CEIFAC website.

Duration of the course
The training is in two stages:

  • online training, e-learning of 282 hours of lectures (CM)
  • 77 hours of face-to-face CM training. The total duration of the training is 359 CM hours, i.e. 538 HTD.

Organization of the course
From the CEIFAC website, www.ceifac.eu, the e-learning courses take place at a distance as soon as the learners register. The face-to-face course takes place over two weeks of training in Strasbourg.

Student evaluation methods

  • online course evaluation : (Coefficient 1) MCQ ;
  • the candidate must attend the face-to-face training;
  • development of a dissertation: (Coefficient 3) The theme of the dissertation is proposed by the candidate and approved by the person in charge of the diploma. The dissertation must be completed in French or English within the set deadline. Conditions for passing the diploma: obtain an average of 10 in both tests.

The jury is made up of at least two members, one of whom is a university teacher and the other a professional chosen according to his or her skills by the person responsible for the diploma according to the subject of the dissertation. The dissertation will be defended in French or English by videoconference.