The European College of Financial Investigation and Criminal Financial Analysis was born from the conviction shared by its founders, of the need to create a novel training and research program, the result of the shared experience of academics and specialists from prosecution and justice authorities with the aim of better fighting organized crime in Europe, by developing financial investigation and criminal financial analysis.

The CEIFAC is set up from June 1st, 2013 by the University of Strasbourg in the framework of the European Commission program “Prevention and fight against crime” (DG Home Affairs – Action Grant 2012- FINEC Financial and economic crime). It is financed up to 90% by the European Commission and 10% by the University of Strasbourg, the Alsace Region, the Urban Community and the City of Strasbourg.


CEIFAC offers a training program in financial investigations and criminal financial analysis to police/gendarmerie, customs and judicial authorities of the EU Member States and candidate countries. We are also developing a research program dedicated to these techniques to better fight organized crime within the EU.

The three-week training course is aimed at prosecuting and judicial authorities from Member States and candidate countries meeting certain criteria.

CEIFAC also aims at informing the public and researchers about the current situation and the progress in the fight against organized crime in Europe through the reference library, the GRASCO Review and our thematic press reviews.

The research program is managed by the GRASCO team. The results are communicated through conferences, symposiums and publications.