The pedagogical team

Chantal CUTAJAR: Director General of CEIFAC, Lecturer and researcher at the University of Strasbourg

Marc SIMON : Commissaire divisionnaire, Head of the Central Unit of Operational Criminal Analysis, Directorate of the fight against serious and organized crime, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM

Simon BAECHLER : Head of training at the School of Criminal Sciences of the University of LAUSANNE, Deputy Commissioner of the Neuchâtel Police, SWITZERLAND and Associate Researcher at the Forensic Science Research Laboratory of the University of QUEBEC, TROIS-RIVIERES, CANADA

Bruno GONZALEZ-VALDELIEVRE: Head of Public Expenditure Analysis, Analysis Directorate, Anti-Fraud Office of CATALONIA, BARCELONA, SPAIN

The head of the research program

Elena PELLISER under the direction of Dr Chantal CUTAJAR

The administrative team

Thierry LANG (Gendarmerie Nationale) : Deputy Director

Clelia RONDANINI : administrative and financial manager

Sébastien DUPENT : in charge of the reference library and the computer program

Émilie EHRENGARTH : e-learning and communication program.