CEIFAC conducts one of the very few French action-research programmes in the field of law and the only European university research programme entirely dedicated to the fight against transnational organised crime in its economic and financial dimension.

It is one of the research axes of the Groupe de recherche-action sur la criminalité organisée (GRASCO), attached to the Unité mixte de recherches (UMR) Droit-religion-entreprise-société (DRES) 7354. It is placed under the responsibility of Dr Chantal CUTAJAR, Director General of CEIFAC and Director of GRASCO.

Open to civil society, CEIFAC promotes its work through meetings, seminars and colloquiums for all audiences.

I. Research

CEIFAC implements three vectors for the collection and deepening of knowledge in the service of the research work carried out by the researchers.

A cluster of five multilingual and multidisciplinary doctoral students in law, the first to work on FIs in the EU, their technical and legal aspects and the new issues raised by this tool. A reference library is at the disposal of researchers and auditors.
The GRASCO Review, a scientific journal that explores cross-cutting themes on the prevention and repression of organised and/or financial crime.
The University Diploma (DU) “Financial Investigations on a European scale” delivered by the University of Strasbourg allows European practitioners, from the prosecution and justice authorities of the EU Member States, to enrich the common fund of knowledge in criminal law and procedure by writing a thesis based directly on their recent professional experience. Their recommendations allow CEIFAC to make proposals for the improvement of the European normative framework.
II. The actions

They aim to establish associations that will create synergies and enhance the role of Strasbourg, European Capital.

Association of civil society with the final conferences of the CEIFAC sessions. These conferences allow citizens to be informed, to know the difficulties encountered by the practitioners in the exercise of their missions and to dialogue directly with the speakers.
Association between the University of Strasbourg and the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, the European Parliament, the EC and the French State. This association allows CEIFAC’s action to be given full institutional visibility.