CEIFAC trains members of the European Union’s prosecuting and judicial authorities in financial investigations and criminal financial analysis in support of these investigations.


The course is aimed at auditor-trainers (30 per session) who are able to disseminate knowledge and know-how within their own departments in the European Union. Its specificity lies in the concrete use of the prior experience of practitioners, auditors and speakers as a vector of shared knowledge transfer.


The training aims to equip auditors with the ability to conduct FIs in the context of European police cooperation, as defined by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) and the European Union. It provides auditors with the methodology to implement Criminal Financial Analysis in the context of financial investigations. The joint work of representatives of all links in the law enforcement chain – police officers, customs officers, prosecutors and judges from all over the EU and the candidate countries – creates links and enables the formation of an informal network of prosecuting and judicial authorities, thus facilitating judicial and police cooperation.


The training is organized in two phases:

  • E-learning (280h): an upgrade prior to the face-to-face training allows auditors to acquire the same basics in European legislation against organized crime and financial fraud. There are also modules on accounting and the legal and financial environment of companies as well as information and communication techniques.
  • A face-to-face training (77h) allows, from concrete cases drawn from real experiences, to implement financial investigations. The groups are constituted in such a way as to bring together representatives of the prosecution authorities (police, gendarmerie, customs) and the judiciary (prosecutors, judges) from all EU Member States.


The classroom training takes place in STRASBOURG during two annual sessions, in April and October, each lasting 12 days.

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The training is reserved for practitioners working in the prosecution and justice services of EU Member States.